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Decorating With Bubbles

Yes, I hear it too - the blog title is a bout bubbles? Haha. Yes, it is.

Bubbles have been getting a bad rap lately. Lots of talk on the news about bubbles bursting. So I decided to take back the word and show the fun side of bubbles again.

Remember as a kid how fun it was to blow bubbles? I don't think we are too old to do that now, especially with all the bad news. I just might pick myself up a bubble blowing kit this weekend.

But speaking of blowing bubbles, my upstairs TV room was just featured in HGTV Magazine issue for the bubblegum gallery wall below.

Bubble Gum Wall Art - Featured In HGTV Magazine June 2022 Issue

The HGTV feature reminded me of all the other times I have decorated with bubbles for a whimsical touch in a space. So, in honor of the mini feature, here are some of my favorite decor pieces with bubbles.

Kids Bedroom and Playroom With Black Bubble Lamp

This jungle theme kids' space still makes me smile. Notice the black bubbles lamp? It is one of my favorites lamps. Fun and whimsical, but still sophisticated.

Kids Bedroom With Daybed

Here's a closer look at the lamps - also available in white.

Kids Playroom and Bedroom

And this mini lamp feels like a big bubble right at the base.

I put together some of my favorite decorating motifs that incorporate bubbles

Bubble Pillow | Bubble Vases | Bubbles For Brains Sculpture | Bubbles Chandelier | Bubbles Side Table | Bubble Coffee Table | Cherry Bubble Art | Bubble Vase With Permanent Florals | Bubble Lamp | Round Bubble Mirror | Oval Bubble Mirror | Bubble Face Art

Another one of my favorite bubble mirrors

I bet you didn't know there were so many fabulous decor items with bubbles. And they work very well in a sophisticated space - not just kids spaces.

I have linked some of them (affiliate links), and the rest you can contact us if you are interested in purchasing

And the best bubble of all..............

A relaxing bubble bath in a fabulous bathroom.

Are you ready to kickstart your next project? Now is the time!

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration !


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