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Friday Five Roundup: 5 Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine's day may look a bit differently this year as we are still battling a global pandemic, but never fear, there are still creative ways you can get your romance on.

Our Friday Five this week is a roundup of 5 gift ideas that you can do to impress your sweetie come February 14th

1 - A Casa Vilora Gift Certificate

Ok, so this one is a shameless plug, but I do believe gifting your significant other a professional designer for 2 hours to explore some ideas, and provide some direction for a long awaited design project, or maybe even one they've be complaining about for a while, will make you a hero in their eyes.

Simply purchase one and we will follow up with information on how they can schedule the in home consultation. We show up ready to work. We provide actionable ideas, resources, direction and guidance for any design project.

Purchase one HERE

2 - Have a family gallery wall installed

I love this idea, if I do say so myself! It is super unique and you can enjoy this yourself too. It is a great way to celebrate your love for each other with a visual reminder you can enjoy everyday. Pull all those amazing photos from your wedding, kids' birthdays, vacations and those other special family moments and get them framed and organized into a gallery wall. Find the perfect wall that will give them great impact like a long hallway, a stairway wall, or a family room wall

There are several types of gallery wall arrangements and looks, but I think a black and white grid style like the one below is more timeless for displaying family photos. HERE are some great frames to get you started.

3 - A private Perfect Picnic for two

This one is super brilliant, super cute, romantic, and will not cost a ton of money.

Everyone loves to attend great picnics, but planning one is not so much fun. Why not hire it out to the professionals? Courtney Morris Collective offers private picnics for two (or more) in any place you designate or other locations within her network. Every detail is covered including food, wine, desserts, flowers, music, setting the right atmosphere for romance.

How perfect to just show up with your sweetie and your Perfect Picnic is set and ready for you to enjoy. You can book one HERE

Image By Courtney Morris Collective - Perfect Picnic Set Up In Katy TX

4 - A master suite one day makeover

Here's one that you can enjoy year round. Why not treat your sweetie to a one day makeover of your master suite.

Our One Day Makeover service is perfect for clients who have most of the furnishings and they need the finishing touches to make the space feel layered and look cohesive and complete.

It starts with a site assessment to see the space and what the needs are. We discuss ideas, possibly other items needed, and date and time for the makeover. We show up on makeover day with our installer ready to create the perfect romantic retreat.

Learn more about our One Day Makeover service HERE

The above moodboard is an example of a quick and inexpensive master bedroom upgrade. Of course we would add other layers like art, pillows, flowers, throws.

Links to each product below.

5 - Luxury bedding

The key to a happy marriage? Luxury bedding! Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but definitely not far from the truth. I can tell you from many conversations with happy clients who have invested in creating a retreat in their bedrooms, they have never once regretted spending the money on great bedding. In fact, their only complaint is why they hadn't done it sooner

From the mattress, to the mattress pad, comforter/duvet, coverlet, pillows, throw - every element must be curated to not just look beautiful, but feels great on your body

When you walk into a well appointed room, you get to experience it visually and then enjoy the touch and feel of the bedding. When you think about the amount of time we spend in our beds, it is well worth investing in making it the best experience

Your Valentine will feel pampered and special with a luxury bedding upgrade. Let's talk about how we can help you with that HERE

Image Courtesy Of Vendor

With Valentine's Day just about three weeks away, you have very limited time to start the planning for these great gift ideas.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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