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Friday Five Roundup: Window Treatments That Won't Break The Bank

It is not very often that you will hear me advocate for off-the-shelf drapery panels, because they are usually not very well made. But these ones have me thinking that there are definitely some exceptions.

I came across these Lantime Semi-Sheer Drapery Panels on Amazon, and I must say that they seem to drape beautifully like custom draperies do. They definitely make the number one spot of my Friday Five Roundup List because of the great value for the low price starting at only $64.99.

They start at 52"W x63"L and go up to 120"x120". They are available in a few other colors, and sold in sets of two.

They are meant to be gauzy and unlined to add softness to windows. Therefore they are not meant for privacy.

My little disclaimer here on these drapery panels and the shades below - I have not seen these products in person, so I am not speaking on the quality. But if you go by reviews and ratings, they have great ratings on Amazon.

This brings me to the second find on my Friday Five Roundup, these roman shades from the same manufacturer as the drapery panels above - Lantime Wood Window Shades

They are great for that privacy layer, as they have blackout options.

I am a huge fan of layering window treatments for my flexibility and a custom touch.

Number three on my Friday Five Roundup are made to order drapery panels from various Etsy makers.

I always advise my DIY clients that if they cannot afford to go the custom route with drapery panels, then use a maker on Etsy who will usually customize sizes for you up to a certain point.

I went ahead and curated a bunch of my favorites that you can access through THIS LINK

While you're there, take a look at the over 50 pillows I curated from my favorite Etsy makers as well. You can access the pillows through THIS LINK

Number four on the Friday Five Roundup are my very own semi-custom quick ship drapery program.

You can learn more through this BLOG POST, but in a nutshell, our custom drapery is available in 6 different lengths (84", 90", 96", 105", 108", 120"), one or two widths, about 30 fabric options - linen blends, classic silk and textured silk and several header style options, all starting at only $340 per pair! What a steal!!!

Ordering is simple. Head to our website and get started, and you could have custom draperies delivered in 4-6 weeks!

Now that you've gotten some great ideas for draperies, you need beautiful hardware to hang them. Number five on our Friday Five Roundup is drapery hardware.

I have curated some great looking options for you. Click THIS LINK to check out the collection, including some fabulous lucite ones.

Of course custom drapery is serious business. They need to fit your windows to perfection, so we are all about custom options.

If you have super tall two story windows or odd-shaped windows or an awkward wall or space, we would be happy to help with custom solutions.

Head to our website to schedule an in home drapery consultation

Thank you for checking out this Friday's roundup!

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you

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