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Increase Your Home's Value With This One Simple Tip

When it comes to home improvements and spending money on the the things that remain with your home when you sell it, many real estate experts will tell you the kitchen and bathrooms will give you a great return on your investment. That is very true, and the first place you should invest if your home needs it.

But there is one more sure-fire way to increase your home's value that many real estate experts aren't telling you.

I will tell you about why it is a wise investment, and will make your home much more desirable to homebuyers.

Blush bathroom with panel molding and statueritto marble vanity
Blush Powder Room With Panel Molding - Design by Veronica Solomon - Photography by Colleen Scott

Can you tell from this photo?

Adding millwork and moldings - particularly panel moldings to walls and ceilings, is hands down one of the best features of a home, and a feature that luxury buyers look for. Custom millwork is a tell-tale sign of a custom designed home.

Moldings not only add a timeless and classic element to any room, they also create a custom feel. Moldings in any room suggests luxury, timelessness, and a design that is well thought-out.

bedroom with navy painted ceiling
Bedroom Completed For ASID Holiday ShowHouse In the Woodlands TX 2015. Design by Veronica Solomon. Photography by Niki

It is not a major undertaking to add paneling to a few rooms. A great trim carpenter is able to make easy work of it. I would recommend choosing a few rooms to add panel moldings to, and not every room. Rooms like dining rooms, studies, bathrooms are rooms where you would expect to find custom paneling.

They can be added to a single feature wall, or to the entire room, and even the ceiling.

Matte black walls with panel moldings and coffered ceiling in a study
Lady's Study Completed For ASID Show House In Tomball 2017. Designed by Veronica Solomon. Photography by Miro Dvorscak

I especially love when panel moldings are painted in an unexpected way, where the classic feel is juxtaposed with a color that is on trend. In fact, a hallmark of high design is taking classic architecture including detailed moldings and mixing it with high-end very modern furnishings.

Black powder room with gold trim panel molding
Powder Room In Casa Vilora Interiors Studio. Designed by Veronica Solomon. Photography by Colleen Scott

There are a couple different ways to add this detail: The least expensive option is by simply adding the moldings onto a smooth sheetrock wall, and then painting it all out in the same color. Another way is adding thin plywood first and then the trim on top of that. This is my preferred way to do it.

Guest bathroom with green cabinets, black mosaic floor, and chair rail molding
Guest Bathroom With Green Cabinets - Designed By Veronica Solomon - Photography by Colleen Scott

Even by adding just a wainscoting instead of the full wall, this detail goes a long way to creating a custom and luxurious feel. Imagine this small guest bathroom without it. It would still be a nice room, but the moldings created so much more depth and ultimately more value to the space.

Adding a wainscoting gives you the opportunity to use a very bold or expensive wallpaper, because you are using less of it. The wainscoting helps to anchor the wallpaper in this room. vignette and prevents the space from getting too busy.

bedroom vignette with bold wallpaper from Rebel Walls
Bedroom Vignette At Casa Vilora Interiors Studio. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photography by Colleen Scott

The stairway below is a great example of how moldings can add just the right custom touch to a room. In this foyer the winding stairs left a huge exposed sheetrock wall that was very unattractive. The paneling along with the built-in banquette helped to create a more welcoming feel

Foyer with built in velvet blue bench
Foyer With Velvet Built In Bench. Designed By veronica Solomon. Photography by David Gaona

If you have a less than exciting space that you want to add some class and elegance to, consider adding some panel molding.

Our great team here at Casa Vilora Interiors is happy to design and coordinate it for you. Book a consultation to get started

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