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Inspiring Color Palettes

Lately I have been getting a lot of calls from clients needing help to choose color for their home.

Selecting color is where a lot of homeowners get stumped. They know they want color on the walls, but not sure how much or how it should flow from room to the next. This is one area where I encourage clients to seek out the professional guidance of an interior designer. There is a lot that has to be considered when building a color palette for a room and an entire home. Some of the things to consider are:

  1. The mood you want to create in the room

  2. The lighting conditions of the space

  3. How colors will flow from room to room

  4. The texture of the walls and the sheen of the paint

  5. Do you want neutrals or bold colors

  6. Do you want an accent wall or two

  7. Durability of the finish

There is so much more to consider. It can definitely be overwhelming. So incase you are in the same boat, here are a couple of inspiring palettes to get you started.

OB-Modern Organic Living Room

Benjamin Moore Colors: Hush, Mysterious, Etruscan, Thicket, Elk Horn, Storm

OB-Color Palette

Benjamin Moore Colors: Jute, Steam, Tamarind, Coastal path, Flora, Citrine, Tucson Coral

There is also color help on our website through our Color Cue page. Each month we post a color of the month and a room painted in the same color. This month’s color of the month is Benjamin Moore Huntington Beige


And here is a client’s living room where we used Huntington beige in eggshell finish

You can also sign up to receive our color guide: “Our Top ten Benjamin Moore Paint Colors”. Click here to sign up to receive your free copy.

We are here if you ever need a one on one in-home paint color consultation. We charge just $137 per hour and we can usually pick out a few rooms in just one hour. Click to our website where you can book your appointment or give us a call

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!

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