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Is The Trend For Design Trends A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

I was recently hired on again by a past client to decorate her new home. She was probably my third client of all time, so that had to be about 12 years ago. We worked on a few other small projects over time, so she has been a loyal client for a long time.

Kids' homeschool room with bright colors
Kids' Homeschool Room. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed by Colleen Scott

As we were discussing the new color palette and style direction for her home, she informed me that she wanted more of a modern farmhouse look and not the reds we did 12 years ago.

That opened up the conversation for two main points that I discussed with her

1- The trend back then was Tuscan style which included reds and golds

2- The trend now is modern farmhouse design as made popular by Joanna Gaines

You may not be one to follow trends, but trends will affect your life in some way, and will most likely make their way into your home some time. Whether you are a trend follower or not, the fact is that where you buy your clothes, housewares and furnishings do follow trends, and that is how trends will make their way into your home. Check out my recent roundup of trends at The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas HERE and from my recent trip to Maison and Objet in Paris HERE, and take a look around your home now and see what trends emerge.

Twelve years ago, especially here in Texas, Tuscan style was big. Reds and golds were in every model home, furniture store and everywhere you turn. Faux treated walls, iron work, dark wood cabinetry, dark wood furnishings, spotty granite countertop and travertine flooring were what you would see widely available. Chances are, if you decorated back then, you most likely had some version of Tuscan style. You may still have some Tuscan style today.

Bedroom Vignette
Bedroom Vignette By Veronica Solomon. Photographed by Colleen Scott

Fast forward to today, and modern farmhouse seems to be a trend that will stick around for a while. I wrote about it HERE

Many people claim that they are over it, but somehow they end up with a piece or two in their home, if not their whole home. This is because when they go out shopping, that's what is widely available.

Most retailers stock furnishings that will appeal to the masses, and there is nothing individual about what they offer. Therefore, they are only showcasing what's trendy, and that's what you end up buying without even realizing

This is where the value of an interior designer comes in. We know how to curate furnishings for your home that will not be all trendy. For us here at Casa Vilora Interiors, it is more about a layered, storied look to your home. While we may include some trends, we also want your home to feel as if the interior design was collected over time. We incorporate your own personal treasures that you know and love, and tell your story. We include vintage, we include the latest in technological trends, and even a few trends in furniture and fashion. It all results in a timeless and curated space. You definitely want that mix - timeless and classic with what's cool and sexy now.

Powder Room designed By Veronica Solomon

Trends are not a bad word as some people would like to think about them. I know they can go horribly wrong in the wrong hands, but trends are welcomed in the design industry.

Regardless of how you feel about following trends, they mean advancement in technology and the way products perform in your home. They mean that each year you can look forward to products that make your life easier, better and more convenient. Trends mean that you can enjoy your hobbies and lifestyle. Your life can be enhanced because of trends.

As interior designers, we owe it to our clients to keep up with trends, and introduce what will work for them to enhance their lifestyle. For example, Thermador's home connect literally makes getting up a treat. You only need to give a command to "Josh" and your coffee machine starts, music starts, and whatever other gadget you want to connect.

With this technology, you get to enjoy cooking if that's your thing with Thermador's professional appliances. They rival any 5 star restaurant. Entertaining is a breeze with their temperature controlled zones in the wine fridge. These are all trends that are designed to make your life easier, and help you enjoy the things you love to do. The easier they are, the more you do them, the better your life will be, the happier you are. Trends are a good thing!

Just take a look at how wonderful the Thermador appliances look in The New American Home 2019 in Henderson, Nevada. And the Caesarstone countertops are just lovely too

Thermador Professional range
Thermador Professional range

You can learn more about the New American Home sponsored by Caesarstone at KBIS 2019 in Las Vegas HERE

Here's another very welcomed trend - it is for health and wellness in your home. Mr Steam brings the best in steam technology to your home, so you can experience a true spa feeling without leaving your home

The health benefits of steam technology are wonderful - less stress and relaxation. Steam bathing is not a luxury, it is a necessity and will certainly improve your well-being. Here are some of the benefits of steam bathing from Mr. Steam's website

Another trend that I am sure you will love to see, even if you completely oppose trends, is accessible design products. Now senior citizens can thrive in place in style. The needed products to ensure safety in the home are getting more and more stylish, and look more like design features than utilitarian.

How amazing and stylish are these grab bars? Now that is a trend that you can hold on to? (see what I did there ;-) )

Kids' Homeschool Room
Kids' Homeschool Room Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

Color is a huge trend now, but for me, color is timeless. If you love something, it will always be in style for you. I am sure there are a few folks out there still holding on to their Tuscan reds and golds.

We also have to recognize that a home does need to be updated at least every 10-15 years. You really cannot expect that everything will look as current and fresh as today 15 years from now. You however, should have some quality pieces that can easily be incorporated into a new design. That's how your designer can help you make the most of your decorating budget. We are sure to bring you great quality products with the future in mind

So what camp are you in? The Yay for trends or Nay for trends? Or are you remaining neutral? Whatever your answer, I ask that you remain open to the trends that are designed to enhance your life, and I invite you to book a consultation with us to see how we can do just that for you. Click HERE to book a 30 minute free session with Veronica

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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