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Luxury Holistic Healthcare Office Space Tour

When my long time client reached out to me for help with her new commercial office space for her holistic healthcare business I was so excited!

We have worked together on several projects over the years - from whole home design on two homes, to complete design of their other healthcare office, and several single and multi room projects in between, I know her style preferences like the back of my hands.

This time, she had some very specific requests for this soothing, nature-inspired space that she wanted to create for her clients.

Client's Private Office In Commercial Office Space. Designed By Veronica Solomon

The color scheme was one area she had specific ideas on. She wanted soothing, nature-inspired colors that complemented her brand colors. She loves a good pattern mix, and didn't want us to leave that out.

She wanted the space to feel more homey and welcoming versus a typical medical office, so we went to town in her personal office. The overall vibe of her office is a neutral and somewhat monochromatic space, but notice the play on patterns and textures? The rug, the wallpaper and the collection of pillows on the sofa is actually a complex mix of patterns, yet it feels soothing in the space

Another View Of Private Commercial office Space With Queen Of Space Wallpaper, Pink Velvet Draperies, A Custom Essential Oil Shelf

The artwork is another element where she wanted to really capture her specific vision. She wanted every piece to be nature-inspired. She loves horses, so the horse print above the sofa was from one of my trade vendors, the ginkgo is one we found online and the rest you will see shortly were through a nature photographer we reached out to and bought some of her work and had them framed

Commercial Office Space With Custom Pink Velvet Draperies Hung From The Ceiling

The office may be small, but we had a lot that we had to fit in the space.

Holistic And Healthcare Office

She definitely wanted a sofa, obviously a desk & chair, and a place where she can sit down with her clients. This gorgeous marble table and chairs is perfect. We also managed to fit in an etagere and a credenza. Her custom essential oil shelf was a must-have for her essential oil inventory.

This Vignette Captures A Bit Of All The Colors And Patterns In the Room

Before we get to the other rooms in this office space, let's look back at the BEFORE

BEFORE - The Reception Area

BEFORE - The Front Treatment Room Was A Conference Room. We Closed In the Double Door To Make It A Single Door With Privacy

BEFORE - View To the Exterior

BEFORE - The Restroom

BEFORE - Reception Area

BEFORE - Second Treatment Room

BEFORE - Client's Private Office

BEFORE - The Breakroom

BEFORE - The Employees' Office

Well, you can see that the space was very brown! Very traditional and dated decor and finishes. She was definitely ready to freshen this space up and create a calming retreat for her clients.

What room should we look at next?

How about the restroom - one of my favorites!

This vanity is so awesome! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The mirror is also a favorite and that wallpaper is even more gorgeous in person! I won't even mention how much I love the sconces. So fun! Here again you can see some of the art selected by my client

My client immediately fell in love with this bone in-lay chest we placed in the restroom for extra storage. I love the pattern against the grasscloth wallpaper

You can see above that the BEFORE kitchenette was very basic and not that attractive. It was brown on brown and very heavy. The initial plan was to paint the cabinets white and spruce things up a bit with decor. I have to say I wasn't surprised when I got the call from my client to rip it all out and start over

Commercial Office Kitchenette With Earthy Green Cabinets With Walnut Accent, Porcelain Countertops And Backsplash

We had custom site built cabinets done. Notice how we went with the skinny shaker style? Love it. We decided that these cabinets were much too pretty to just paint them white, so we went with this beautiful earthy green. The porcelain countertop and backsplash is a perfect complement to the cabinets. My favorite thing is the walnut open shelves that my client requested. The whimsical butterfly pulls are so playful and fun and really completes the look.

We are still waiting on the GE Cafe under counter fridge drawers and microwave as you can see from this photo below

Kitchenette Before Appliance Install

We were able to squeeze a tiny eat-in area in the small kitchenette. We used a long console table and three counter stools

Botanical prints In Commercial Office Kitchenette

I love the series of botanicals above the console.

Holistic Healthcare Treatment Room

Holistic Healthcare Treatment Room

Holistic Healthcare Treatment Room

Holistic Healthcare Treatment Room

We wanted the treatment rooms shown above to be functional and relaxing. There are two treatments rooms and they each are a bit different. We used the same rug in both, same table and chairs, but different storage pieces. We had the treatment tables made in India, and I couldn't love them anymore. So much more fitting with our nature-inspired vibe than the commercial types you see at medical offices.

The photography that my client chose and the faux plants and greenery add texture and a bit of life.

Holistic Health office Reception Area Before Signage On Main Wall

In the reception area I was going for a more moody, cocoon-like vibe. I wanted when people walk in they would feel at ease and welcomed. It is a very small space, so we had to be very careful with the scale of the furniture pieces.

We chose this rounded velvet sofa and metal chairs for seating - no medical office chairs here! The double bookcases for essential oils are my favorite. And that chandelier is even more spectacular in person!

Holistic Health Office With a Natural Moody Vibe

While the space is rich with the classic details of the paneling that we added to the walls and the luxurious furnishings and lighting, it still feels warm and welcoming and not pretentious.

Holistic Healthcare Office Reception Area With Custom Panel Moldings

There will be signage on the main wall, and why there is no artwork. But I love the one we chose for the wall next to our "secret room". Well, it's just the audio/visual storage

Little known fact about this space - It almost made it on TV! We were pitched to be a part of a docu-series and this project was one of the projects they would shoot for the show. They had cameras on site and all, but nothing came of it after that :-(

I can't imagine shooting a show now with all the delays and shortages we are seeing in the industry right now.

PROGRESS -Being Filmed For A TV Show That Never Happened

PROGRESS - Paneling The Reception Area Wall

A few progress shot of the millwork and paint going in in the reception area

PROGRESS - Paint Prep Work In Reception Area

PROGRESS - This Is How We Do Paneling. We Use Plywood For A Smooth Texture.

As you can see, a lot of work was done to bring the space from the before to the after. Complete overhaul of the kitchen and bathrooms including the floors, refinishing the wood floors that had a very ugly and unprofessionally applied varnish, replaced light fixtures, replaced all door handles, every wall and trim painted, custom millwork and more.

This project took quite a few months, and of course there were some delays on furnishings due to covid. All in all, we are very happy with how it turned out. I can't wait for the grand opening soon!

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


All AFTER photos by Colleen Scott Photography

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Sep 27, 2023

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Sep 27, 2023

Thank you so much for helping me.


Oh, my goodness! Once again, you nailed it! There isn't one thing that isn't perfect, with an overall feeling of luxury, interest, beauty, and creativity. You are amazing!

Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
May 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much! That is so kind of you to say. My client and I love this space :-)


Keesha Allen
Keesha Allen
May 17, 2021

Very super gorgeous. I am always truly in awe of your talent, your visions, your gorgeous and diligent attention to details. The wall paneling is so deluxe.

Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
May 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much Keesha! I appreciate your kind words :-)

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