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Meet The Sponsors Of The Seasonal Living Digital Luxury Designer Showhouse

All I can say is WOW! What a buzz our first ever Digital Luxury Designer Showhouse has created in the industry! It's only been about a week since the press release and we have already seen so much buzz, interest and curiosity!

This makes it even more exciting, and I can tell you that all my fellow designer participants, rendering team, creators and sponsors are beyond excited to bring this to life! December 3rd cannot come fast enough!

In case you missed the last blog post, you can access it HERE, but in a nutshell, the Seasonal Living Digital Luxury Designer Showhouse is the world's first multi-brand, multi-designer collaboration of a completely digital 360 tourable and shoppable designer showhouse with augmented reality highlights, built entirely in the virtual world.

You will be able to tour this amazing home and be inspired right from the comfort of your own home.

Featured Designers, Laura Muller, Rachel Moriarty, Erika Ward, Ariana Afshar Lovato, Carla Aston, Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Jeanne Chung, Gloribelle Lebron, Robin Baron, Arianne Bellizaire, and Myself (Veronica Solomon)

It is the brainchild of Gary Pettitt, CEO of Seasonal Living Magazine who collaborated with Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership to help bring his vision to life. The dream team which also includes the 3D rendering team - Jenna Gaidusek, Sarah Durnez and Annilee Waterman of eDesign Tribe, the 11 interior designers and our 15 amazing sponsors are all hands on deck to create an amazing luxury experience for everyone who registers to join our live VIP Event on December 3rd at 6:00PM CST

And in case you are still wondering which room I will be designing.......


I will be doing the dining room. I am so excited!

I love designing dining rooms, and this one will be a wonderful new challenge for me as I seek to incorporate elements of wellness and sustainability.

The pandemic has brought us new challenges in the world of interior design, but as true innovators, we adapt to these changes, and see opportunities for creating solutions to help people live better and safer in their homes.

The showhouse is all about showcasing these wonderful innovations that I know you will love and will inspire you as well.

You don't want to miss the live, professionally produced event on December 3rd at 6:00PM ET, that will be moderated by LuAnn Nigara of A Well-Designed Business Podcast.

In today's post I wanted to highlight our amazing, forward-thinking sponsors who saw opportunity in this historical moment in the design world. It is thanks to each of them that we are able to present this event completely free to you.

Each room will include shoppable links to the amazing product lines offered by our sponsors. This will truly be a great experience where you will have great, inspiring design right at your finger tips

Let's meet our generous sponsors in no particular order:

Signature Kitchen Suite - I had the opportunity to be a part of a brand immersion experience sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suite last year in Napa Valley, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that this company is all innovation. Their motto of True to Food, means that they consistently deliver performance, design & precision, to show respect for food at every level. Follow Signature Kitchen Suite on Instagram HERE.

Global Views - When I think style and creativity, Global Views is one of those brands that come to mind. They began back in 1997 with a vision to produce a unique collection of home accessories and accent pieces that had never been seen before. Almost 25 years later, they continue to offer unique and innovative furniture and accessories for the home. Follow them on Instagram HERE

Seasonal Living - Seasonal Living features fresh, innovative and unique in outdoor furnishings with a special emphasis on exceptional hand-craftsmanship in a wide variety of material palettes. Follow Seasonal Living on Instagram HERE and subscribe to Seasonal Living Magazine HERE

Jaipur Living - Jaipur Living is a socially conscious luxury brand that produces the most beautiful rugs and textiles in the most ethical of ways. With a mission to create beautiful lives for their employees and customers, Jaipur is always innovating and introducing amazing new products. You can follow them on Instagram HERE

The Minka Group - The Minka Group® has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting and ceiling fan industry, providing the best quality and workmanship of every fixture they produce. Follow The Minka Group on Youtube HERE

Fabricut - Fabricut is one of my personal favorite brands in my design work. They are devoted to creating a one-stop-shopping experience for the interior design trade through their many inspiring brands - Fabricut, Trend, Stroheim, S. Harris, Vervain, and Clarence House. Fabricut offers upholstery, textiles, wallpaper and more. Follow them on Instagram HERE

Sherwin Williams - Sherwin-Williams supports designers and their clients with color & coatings expertise. With their expert personalized service, breadth of products, & exclusive resources, they are a good resource for every paint project. Follow Sherwin Williams on Instagram HERE

Robin Baron Design - Robin Baron is a fashion-forward, exceptionally stylish home furnishings brand that is all about providing the best products and designs. Follow Robin Baron Design on Instagram HERE

Universal Furniture - Universal Furniture creates beautiful and quality furnishings for the whole home with a focus on function and lifestyle. Follow Universal Furniture on Instagram HERE

Cosentino - Cosentino is a global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. From wall surfaces to countertops, their products exude luxury and elegance. Follow them on Instagram HERE

Revel Woods - Another brand that I have had the opportunity to spend some time with through a tour of one of their facilities. I was able to see firsthand the heart and care that goes into producing some of the lines they carry. They are an expertly curated floor sourcing platform founded by lifelong industry veterans. Its proprietary algorithm ensures only the right product is chosen for each space. Follow Revel Woods on Instagram HERE

The Howard Elliott Collection - Howard Elliott provides customized programs through their distinct collection of home decor. Each piece is designed to inspire creativity and uniqueness. Follow Howard Elliott on Instagram HERE

Niermann Weeks - Niermann Weeks designs are inspired from architecture, fashion and nature, aesthetically relating to both traditional and contemporary interiors. They carry some of the most beautiful lighting and furnishings. Follow Niermann Weeks on Instagram HERE

Stressless - Stressless has a long history in challenging the conventional way of making furniture. The result is a perfect combination of functionality and Scandinavian design with unsurpassed scientific comfort. Follow Stressless on Instagram HERE

Nathan Anthony - A favorite brand of mine, Nathan Anthony is a multi-award-winning upholstery specialist known for its leadership in the lean manufacturing principles used to produce sustainable and custom bench-made furnishings in Los Angeles, CA. Follow Nathan Anthony on Instagram HERE

I feel extremely honored and blessed to be collaborating with these great brands, and an all around amazing team, for this historical event. I can truly say that this is one of my major career highlights!

Stay tuned as I share more about how my dining room design is evolving over the next couple of weeks. We can't give away too much just yet, but I hope you will check in each week to see more, and definitely register for the live event on December 3rd at 6:00PM ET

Be sure to follow all the brand sponsors on Instagram and follow the official hashtag #SLDS21 to see what my fellow designers are up to with their spaces as well

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
Sep 23, 2020

Thank you so much Leslie! I am very excited that I have all these amazing products at my disposal. It will be fabulous! Can't wait!


Unknown member
Sep 23, 2020

Good morning, Veronica. Thank you for a fantastic post on the sponsors of Seasonal Living Magazine's Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse and for the shoutout for Gary and myself. It is so exciting to have had a designer of your renown and talent say *YES* to participating in this historic event. I, along with all of our sponsors, and everyone else, cannot wait to see your dining room when it is revealed in our Live VIP Launch Party event on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 6 pm ET. To register? ...and best of all, as you said, is that the sponsors have made it complimentary for everyone to attend!

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