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New Savvychic Community Coming Soon

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It is always an exciting time when you are building your dream home! And I am really excited to be in this position for the 4th time in the last 15 years. As an interior designer, it is fun to take a blah space, and put your stamp on it to really make it your own.

This new home is no different, except now I will take my community of fans and followers on social media along for the ride.

The current Solomon home that I have dubbed #ChezSolomon and The #DesignLab that is currently under construction, will soon become the focal point of a brand new community dedicated to providing decorating ideas and tips to DIY-ers and decorating enthusiasts.

I enjoy working on the wonderful big ticket, luxury projects that I have the honor of being a part of, but I am really passionate about helping everyday homeowners achieve great style in their homes on a savvy budget.

SavvyChic Community

SavvyChic Home was born from that desire to bring interior design to clients who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing some of the work themselves, with our guidance of course. It will be a brand new support community with a website, private Facebook group, videos and courses, to provide lots of valuable resources to its members. We are even conducting monthly decorating workshops in our design studio the second Wednesday of every month.

We are sending out lots of updates as this community develops, so sign up so you never miss an update about the launch of our SavvyChic community. You will receive a copy of our SavvyChic Home Magazine, full of ideas and inspiration for your home

Casa Vilora Interiors

You can sign up for your copy here

Casa Vilora Interiors

Our upcoming workshop on Valentine’s day is all about color. For the Love Of Color is a workshop designed to take the fear out of selecting color for your home. If you are local to Houston, plan to join us at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, February 14th. You can book and pay here

Why SavvyChic?

Savvy simply means that clients are willing to be a bit more involved in implementing their projects, therefore saving on design fees. They will get the same guidance and plan that will serve as a blueprint for executing their professional design. Chic means they are super stylish and want a great look, and we want to help them get that look.

My new home will be very instrumental in this pursuit, as the plan is to remodel it over time and document the process and share with my SavvyChic community through video courses. You may ask, why are you remodeling a brand new home? Well, that is a very strategic decision I made a while back. I chose to purchase my new home in a predominantly first time home buyer community, to show that great design can be achieved on a savvy budget with the right guidance, and the willingness to do some of the work yourself. I chose not to do any upgrades with the builder, so that I can upgrade key areas room by room over time. It will be night and day by the time I am finished. You will witness all the amazing projects, and learn a thing or two for your own projects.

Watch video clip to see the current status

As you can see, pretty blah and builder basic, but that will all be going bye bye soon enough

My home is due to be complete in late March. I will be sharing as much as I can in the meantime, so if you are not following me on Facebook, you can click here to follow along

Stay tuned for a lot more from ChezSolomon, and don’t forget to subscribe to join our SavvyChic community. Click here to signup

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


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