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Our Latest Feature In Houston Chronicle Magazine

Did you catch our latest feature in the Houston Chronicle Magazine?

Our clients, the Pitzels graciously agreed to be interviewed by Diane Cowen, architecture and home design writer at the Houston Chronicle about the work we did for them on their home in 2021.

When our clients first reached out to us, they knew they wanted a big change. In Amy's words - the space was sad. What we saw was potential. With wonderful ceiling heights and a great layout, we needed to upgrade the finishes and add some architectural significance to the space.

We started with a 12x12 gray ceramic tile floor, which I am sure was popular back when they first bought the house, but Jason, was ready to see it gone! Can't say I blamed him because I was in total agreement to take a sledge hammer to it.

BEFORE - 12X12 Gray Ceramic Tile Floors

We didn't have to though, because we found a great flooring company who removed every bit of the tile, which took up about 3000sf, with little to no dust.

PROGRESS SHOT - Refinishing Stairs

The next order of business was to upgrade the stairs, by refinish it and adding wainscoting. The treads, risers and handrails were a bit worn from years of use, and it was time for a refresh.

My trusty paint team carefully stripped, sanded and re-stained the stairs, after which we added a contract grade but gorgeous stair runner that will hold up to years of use for a family of 4 and their pets.

PROGRESS SHOT - Millwork And Paint Added To Living Room

Of course we had to address this vast living room that felt very cold and sterile before our treatment.

We added full wall paneling and painted it all out in a warm white. This immediately gave the room some architectural significance and brought it within human scale. It still boasts the great volume, only now it feels more timeless, elegant, and warm.

We installed a gorgeous brass chandelier (not shown), that helps to unify the space.

Colorful Living Room In Katy TX

See more of this living room in our portfolio HERE

One of the things I recalled when I first spoke to Amy on the phone is that she is very decisive. This was absolutely true as we discussed the style direction! She knew she wanted color - lots of it!

She fell in love immediately with the wallpaper pattern for the powder room. There was no ifs, ands or buts about it, and in fact we had to wait for a long time for it to be back in stock after we placed our order. She was willing to wait.

This powder room looks completely different from the space it was before. It was painted red, which for me was a clue from the first meeting that they were open to color.

The dining room, which is right off the living room is one of my favorite parts of this project.

The monochromatic color palette was made to be as layered as it is with a variation of teals, blues and greens, and a mix of texture.

They were blown away by the concept of doing wallpaper in the ceiling, and I was so happy that they loved that idea.

Here is a view of the living room and dining room in one shot

Mid-project of the lower level, Amy expressed to me that she wanted to convert one of their upstairs guest bedrooms to her home office, while still maintaining the sleeping function.

While Amy and I were thinking of doing a daybed, Jason immediately suggested a Murphy bed. We both loved that idea!

The bedroom started out this way.

Do you see a pattern again? Yep! Color. There was a color desire screaming to be expressed in a gray and beige space.

BEFORE - Bedroom Turned Home Office

Here is the Murphy bed opened and ready for sleeping

You can read more about the reveal of the office HERE

We are so thankful to Houston Chronicle Magazine for featuring this wonderful project. We are so honored, and so thankful to the Pitzels for allowing us to create this for them.

Ready to upgrade your space?

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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OH MY GOODNESS!! What a gorgeous remodel! Which, is typical of you from what I have seen. I'm so glad you were appropriately credited in the magazine. The only think I didn't see was your usual statement animal (faux) hides-lol. This was certainly worth waiting 20 years for. Congratulations!

Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

Haha. Thank you. I appreciate your kind comment. It’s great that the writer interviewed myself and my clients. There’s a tiny bit of animal in the antelope pillows on the sofa. 😊

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