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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week 3 - Stuff Gets Real

What does it mean when your contractor tells you that your newly installed tile floor is busy? Haha! It means you're on the right track to the bold, the unique and the unexpected - three things I totally go for with my designs.

Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge (ORC) where I was selected as one of the twenty featured designers to makeover a room in my home over six weeks and share my progress right here on the blog and on social media.

This is my 8th go round with the ORC, and my second time as a featured designer. This time I am doing my laundry room, and although it is only a tiny 9x6 space, it is definitely living up to the challenge. You can check out week 1 and week 2 to get caught up and to see where this space began. It was a mess!

Here is a glimpse of the before

Beautiful, right? :-)

I am not a fan of doing laundry as you can see, but I am hoping with my new luxe laundry room I will at least go in there once a month. Haha. We will see.

Before we get to the progress, I have to give a big shout out to all the amazing sponsors this season, and especially the ones that I will be featuring in my space

Today I got home to most of the custom cabinetry installed. I made some changes to the original plan, to keep the space as open as possible.

I decided not to add an area for Rufus, my little chiweenie. He has gotten used to hanging out in the guest bedroom while we are away, so that is where he will stay. Instead I turned the cabinet into a bank of deep drawers. I love drawers versus cabinets.

Here is Rufus giving his stamp of approval on that decision

I am also adding two clothes hampers on the right, even though I can already see my 17 year old son, Josh using the floor instead of the hamper for dumping his dirty laundry. Haha.

The cabinetry should be complete this week and then it will be time for paint......well, after I return from High Point Market

All the paint is being sponsored by Behr. I chose a beautiful white called "Fresh Popcorn" for the cabinetry. Isn't the name yummy? I will be using Behr Marquee in satin finish.

Can we talk about the gorgeous tile for a moment! The Tile Shop sponsored the amazing geometric marble floor tiles, and it will be one of those features that will make this space so much more than just a utility room.

Here it is going in. So good in person! And no, it is not busy despite my contractor's comment.

Just imagine it with the crisp white cabinets and this..........

The piece de resistance......the delicious Cranes wallpaper by Milton and King

And in case that wasn't enough fabulousness for you, check out the marble slab that I scored!

Yep! The fabulous Zebrino Nexus.

I was out looking for remnants to keep my cost down, and almost settled for a piece that was ok but didn't get me excited. I thought that I better make one more stop at another spot down the street, and as soon as I walked in, our eyes locked, and it was love at first sight.

I don't know if you guys know this about me, but every room I design, I love to bring in my signature elements - a great pattern mix, some chinoiserie, some boldness, some black and white stripe, some animal print and some greek key. Most rooms have a combination of all of the above, but this space was so small I had to exercise some restraint. Haha. Well, Veronica sized restraint anyway.

The laundry room will boast some boldness in the wallpaper, and for sure my black and white stripe loosely translated in the countertop. I can't wait for that to be installed

Then the blingness of the room will be added in through the ceiling and wall fixtures from Hudson Valley, the amazing hardware from Emtek and the electrical plates and switches from LeGrand

Silly me - with my changes will need to move the junction boxes for the sconces, but that should be an easy fix for my electrician

Hopefully you've been following along on Instagram. Check out the other designers






















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And before I forget, be on the lookout for the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. My pink powder room that I completed for the ORC two seasons ago has been featured. Be sure to pick up your copy. I haven't received mine yet and rustled up these photos from my photographer, Colleen Scott's Instagram

Come back next week for more on my laundry room progress

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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