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One Room Challenge Spring 2019 - Week 3 - It's Nail-Biting Time

You'd think that after doing the One Room Challenge six times already, I would no longer stress when it gets to week three. But nooooo! I stress. EVERY. TIME! Haha. Somehow I always manage to pull it off, and I am praying that this time will be no different - although I did bite off a bit more than I usually do this time around. I keep reminding myself that Better Homes and Gardens, our media partner, chose me for a reason. I will make them (and you guys of course) very proud!

I took a look back at one of my more ambitious ORC projects to remind myself it can be done. This black bedroom with fuchsia silk draperies and a full on floor to ceiling gallery wall featured some of my daughter, courtney Morris' work. The floor was plywood cut in strips and painted in black and white. It was quite spectacular! Head to my portfolio page to see more of it.

Guest bedroom With Black Walls And Fuchsia Drapery
Guest Bedroom Done For One Room Challenge

So it is now the mid way mark of the ORC and as you may have guessed I am feeling slightly stressed. Not a whole lot of progress has happened in my master bedroom. I will fill you in in a bit, but before I do, I'd love for you to go back and see the plan and progress from week 1 and week 2. You will get a quick overview of the plan and what the ORC is all about in week 1 and you get to meet my amazing sponsors in week 2.

Here's a glimpse at the concept for the space. Pattern mixing and color is my jam, and for sure there will be a whole lot of that happening in my master bedroom

For those of you who are new to the blog, WELCOME! I hope you stick around because you are in for a treat in the next three weeks. Well actually every week :-) I love to share about what you can expect when you work with an interior designer, and I throw in some design tips and advice, and a little bit of my work every so often (well, very often) to keep you inspired

So where are we this week?

Well, the biggest things I was nervous about have happened, thank God! - The custom bed by S&L Designs is in! Woohoo!! It literally arrived at my warehouse yesterday, so I have not even seen a picture of it yet. Fingers crossed.

The ceiling has been installed! Double Woohoo!!!

Paneled Ceiling - Moldings Provided By Metrie

Ever since I did the ASID Show House with the gorgeous coffered ceiling back in 2017, I dreamed of doing it in my own home. Here is the room I am talking about. Still one of my favorite projects to this day. It was a sad day when I had to disassemble it following the show house. The homeowner called it the "Cookie" room - as in Cookie from the TV show Empire. I actually have never watched it, but knew what she meant. Lol

You can see more of it in my portfolio HERE

Study With Matte Black Walls
Study Designed By Veronica Solomon For ASID Show House 2017. Photographed By Miro Dvorscak

With 8' ceilings, it was not really a great idea to further reduce the height of the ceiling with coffers, so I devised a plan to do it in my master bedroom without taking up too much space. The plan is basically paneling the ceiling as you would walls. That application did not take up too much of the ceiling height. Thanks to Metrie for providing all the trim moldings, and thanks to my carpenter Getze for always doing a great job for me

My painters are working on it today. It's all about prepping before painting. Kelly-Moore has generously provided me with all the paint and supplies to make this ceiling shine. It will be awesome laying in bed and look up at a beautiful ceiling. No more weird popcorn-like texture.

Ok, I have been dying to show you guys what inspired the paint application of the ceiling. My good friend and designer extraordinaire, Corey Damen Jenkins did! Well he doesn't know it, but he sure did. Haha

Instagram Image Of A Room Done By Corey Damen Jenkins

Late one night I was up and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram. This room stopped me in my tracks! I love every detail, but the black pin stripe inside the panels caught my attention. I love a classic touch but with some modern sex appeal. I knew I wanted to do this application somehow, somewhere, and you know me, I will do it in my lab if I don't have a client ready to try it (by lab, I mean my house, BTW. haha). The minute I knew I was doing the ORC, I knew that it was time. Thanks Corey for the inspiration.

So, if you have read the previous weeks' updates, or follow me on social media, you will know that I am also renovating my adjoining master bathroom

Here's a little peek of the chaos that is going on in there

The bathroom came about as a result of a brand collaboration with luxury Swiss brand Axent.

Renovation was in the plans for the bathroom for later this year, but the timing all worked out perfectly for starting now, since it made sense to do all that dirty work before making my bedroom pretty for the ORC. Can you imagine all that dust on my gorgeous wallpaper? Yikes! I will be sharing more about this awesome collaboration and bathroom plans later, so stay tuned.

Here's a little glimpse of the concept. Pattern mixing even when there are only hard surfaces....yes please!

Master Bathroom Concept

Of course it wouldn't be exciting if something crazy didn't happen. My usual wallpaper guy, who, in his defense, did not see the room in person but was given accurate measurements, miscalculated and only half of the wallpaper was ordered. Thankfully I am dealing with some world class folks over at Pacific Design, and they are rushing me the extra rolls I need to start wallpaper install next week. It totally worked out.

My usual guy was tied up on a few jobs and I had to bring in a new guy, and it's he who made the discovery that we didn't have enough paper, giving me time to reach out to Pacific Design. Wheew! Crisis averted! I can tell you that sent my blood pressure up big time. The wallpaper is the anchor of this whole room. I can't wait for you guys to see how it turns out.

My seamstress Mary just reported to me that the drapery panels are complete and my Helser Brothers hardware is arriving any day soon. Jay, one of the owners reached out to me this week just to make sure I am being taken care of. I almost said "duh, Jay, I am always well taken care of by your team" Haha, but instead I said "of course I am". If you are a designer reading this, I am telling you that you won't find a better team of experts willing to customize any drapery hardware situation you can dream up.

The custom sofa by Creative Style Furniture hasn't started yet, but I know April and her team will get it done right on time. I am so excited about it! You should see the luscious velvet and metallic bouillon fringe. Oh my! April is also reupholstering an old scruffy chair I have as the desk chair in the room.

My seamstress had six of them in her breakfast room and was getting ready to throw them out. I loved the lines of them and had them stored at my old studio. A friend of mine reupholstered them for my then "class room" where I hosted design workshops. They've been in storage since I moved to my new studio a year and a half ago. They are ugly little things, but I can totally see the potential.

The frame will be painted gold and it will be recovered in a gorgeous Clarence House cheetah fabric. I will have the backs tailored a bit to look a bit more vintage and less like a sandwich. Haha.

April's team is also making me a custom hair on hide desk with nail head details. In case you missed it, I am launching a mini collection of upholstered parsons consoles and desks that anyone can custom order in various sizes and fabric selections including hair on hide, faux leather and performance fabrics. You can learn more about Veronica Solomon Style Collection HERE

I can' wait to show you this lovely number by Scout Design Studio gets me super excited

My electrician should be coming later this week to hang my new Chandelier from Hudson Valley and change all my outlets to the fabulous LeGrand Adorne options. The doors are also getting upgraded with Emtek door hardware. You guys are going to flip when you see how gorgeous they are! They are like jewelry!

Custom pillows from Arianna Belle are in production and should be arriving soon. Otherwise, everything else is in and ready to to be installed

So lots to do in the next two weeks, and this all needs to be done for photography with the awesome Colleen Scott on May 2nd. Wish me luck. And oh, I may have a sweet little surprise for you that involves Hunt Slonem.

Well you already know that the bunnies are making an appearance on the Kravet fabric for my duvet cover, but the surprise is something else. Fingers crossed that this will be confirmed and I can let you in on the secret. Come back next week to find out

Someone asked last week what style am I calling the bedroom, and really, I am not that big on defining my spaces in any one style. I am hash-tagging it #MoodyMasterBedroom, because it will have a moody vibe. But really, it is all my moods, and the things I love, and the things I am currently into, coming together into one space. This is why I am a die-hard maximalist, because I get to incorporate everything I love into my spaces.

A new client walked into my studio just this week. She is a former writer for a popular regional interior design magazine, so very familiar with the world of interior design. I was tickled when she told me that she chose me because my work to her is very Miles Redd, Tony Duquette! I'll take it. Haha

Interior Design By Miles Redd

Interior Design By The Late Tony Duquette

It's nice to be likened to the greats.

And speaking of greats, go check out what the other featured designers are up to. I am going out on a limb here, but they may be feeling just like I am right about now :-)

Here are their gorgeous faces. And BTW, Ursula of Home Made By Carmona, (first on the second row), was the other designer chosen by Better Homes and Gardens. I finally had the chance to meet her at High Point Market just last week. Her website is linked below, along with all the other designers.

I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of this group of talented designers and bloggers.

And here are our generous sponsors.

And if you are in the mood to wander down the rabbit hole of gorgeous design, check out The One Room Challenge website HERE, and its Founder, Linda Weinstein's blog, Calling It Home

I am so grateful to our media partner, Better Homes and Gardens for choosing me as a featured designer this season. I still pinch myself :-)

Thanks to you all who are following the progress of my Moody Master Bedroom.

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration,


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Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
Apr 19, 2019

Thank you. Good luck to you too. I’ll go check out your update.


Your style is very much like Miles Redd! Good thing more wallpaper is on its way. My wallpaper arrives next week so I'll definitely have to check the measurements to ensure I have enough! Good luck and looking forward to next week's progress :).

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