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Room Tour: A Delicious Dining Room In Mandeville, La.

One of my favorite rooms to design is dining rooms. They open up the potential to do some bold things, since they are usually a separate room or area in a living space.

One of my favorite recent dining room installation is this Mandeville, Louisiana project.

Colorful Dining Room - Mandeville, Louisiana

Our client brought us onboard to completely furnish their new build home in Houston. We went through the process of designing and specifying, and even procured most of the furnishings when they told us they were moving back to their hometown in Mandeville.

I was super excited for them, but of course, this presented a unique challenge - every piece of furniture and accessory we custom designed and already procured would now have to fit in a new space.

Fortunately for us, the rooms in the Mandeville house were pretty much similar in size to the Houston house, and we were able to make almost everything work, except for a few pieces.

The dining room in the Mandeville house was just a bit smaller, but we were still able to fit every piece of furniture.

Rendering of Dining Room For Houston Home

The Mandeville house is an older house and has some original architectural features that gave it a similar interest to the architectural details in the Houston new build home - although I was certainly missing that coffered ceiling.

You can see these wonderful built-in cabinets and wainscoting. The cabinets make such a great area to display some of their favorite pieces.

In the Houston dining room, we had specified a grasscloth wallpaper, but our client decided to go with paint in a similar color. They actually had their Houston dining room painted this exact color by their builder. You can see that my clients are not afraid of color.

One of my favorite features in the dining room is the double-swing door with the porthole. So classic and super functional. I love it so much hat I had to find a spot in my new home at Great Prairie Homestead to incorporate one.

Our clients were really wanting a bar cart. In fact, that is one of the first things they asked for at the initial consultation.

I love bar carts and was excited when we found this really substantial looking one from one of our favorite trade vendors. Often times, bar carts are super flimsy looking, but this one has a heavy marble base shelf and two tempered glass shelves. We accessorized with some amazing bar items, and topped with our clients' set of art. We didn't even notice until we were installing them, that the subjects are all bar-related. I just loved how that organically came together.

The chandelier was actually the same one that the clients had in their Houston home when I first met them. They almost didn't bring it, but I encouraged them to take it along, and I am so happy they did. I just love the simple elegance that works perfectly with this home.

These blue velvet dining room chairs have to be my favorites ever! They are so comfortable. They anchor the space so nicely without being overpowering.

I love to mix design styles, and the modern with the classic in this dining room tells such a wonderful story of my clients style and taste.

Let's talk about the piece-de-resistance in the dining room - this table! I am in love with it.

The table top is live-edge planks embedded in resin. The base is laser-cut uprights in black and the white stretcher is integrated, creating this very unique looking table. It was quite an investment, but worth every penny!

I have received so many questions about the drapery fabric. It is an amazing linen/cotton blend fabric with a bold pattern and colors that pull the entire room together. It is a statement fabric, yet doesn't feel tiresome on the eyes. We kept the rug colorful but a more toned-down, shaded version of the colors we used in the room.

Finally, the side-board, mirror and table lamp vignette near the window, almost had to be eliminated, because the space was feeling just a little tight. As I mentioned, there was plenty space for it in the Houston house, but in the Mandeville house we were cutting it pretty close. But the way our clients use this space, the vignette totally works for them. Of course, this vignette provided the opportunity to add some greenery, which I think every room benefits from.

The textures in the palm branches and floral arrangement helps with the beautiful layers in the room. These are high quality permanent florals - perfect for those of us without green thumbs :-). You can see a great variety for sale HERE on our website.

Here is a look at the front of the house.

Mandeville, Louisiana

Isn't it just amazing??

We specified all the new paint colors to give a fresh new look.

There are certain projects that I want to personally move into after it is finished, and this is one of them :-)

What do you think?

We would love to help you create your own colorful dining room. Reach out to book an in-home consultation.

And as you can see, we travel :-)

All photos by Colleen Scott Photography

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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I didn't see any of your trademark animal print! But an interesting and beautiful room, nonetheless!

Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much!

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