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Welcome To The Colorful Side. We've Been Expecting You! A Trend Round Up From KBIS Las Vegas

Well, snow and cancelled flights was definitely trending this past week at The Kitchen And Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, but thankfully I made it home with just a two hour delay with my flight.

Many of my colleagues weren't so lucky - cancelled flights, having to rent a uHaul because there were no cars available, and a bit of snow plowing just to get home, were some of the realities. Who knew that we would be using the words Las Vegas and blizzard in the same sentence.

And yes, I am super excited to share some of the highlights and top trends from KBIS. As my headline hinted, color was definitely HUGE at the show. That excited by #ColorLoving heart, and I am sure you will be equally inspired to step away from the white kitchens and add a bit of color to your world.

And just for the record, color might be a trend now, but if you love color, then that is timeless for you. You just have to know how to use color, and that's where I come in. Color is my thing (but you already knew that), and I can help you incorporate it flawlessly into your kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces. You just need to make that move - book a consult pronto, before you change your mind! :-)

Here's proof (incase you are new here and didn't know I love color) - from a new project I will be sharing more of later :-)

Kids' colorful homeschool room
Kids' Homeschool Room Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

I had a packed schedule as one of the Modenus Designhounds, and sat on a few panel discussions, but I got the chance to take it as much as I could, and walked away with tons of inspiration (and sore feet) :-)

What is Modenus? And what is the Designhounds tour? Glad you asked.

You see that beautiful lady pictured to the left in the uHaul van above? Her name is Veronika Eagleson. She is the CEO and Founder of Modenus, and she has made it her mission to connect designers with top brands in a meaningful way. The Modenus platform is a way for brands to show off their products and for design professionals to create profiles where they can showcase their work and connect with these top brands.

For the last several years, Modenus has partnered with The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in this effort to connect the brands exhibited there with the design professionals who use their products everyday in their projects. The Designhounds tour is a group of 24 designers, bloggers and influencers chosen to cover the show through social media and their own audiences. Our sponsors cover all our expenses for our time there, and the best perk of all is that we get one on one time with the sponsor brands, getting to know them and learn more about their products. Meet the sponsors HERE. I invite you to explore their websites and follow them on social media. Veronika and her team have been very diligent about curating the most inspiring and innovative brands from around the world.

Here is the 24 Designhounds for the 2019 Las Vegas tour. Find Veronica! :-)

I was so honored to be chosen as a Designhound for this show. Not only is Veronika and her team involved in the marketing side of KBIS, they are just as involved in the educational side. Several panels provided the opportunity to learn more about every aspect of the kitchen and bath business - from trends to the business side. I was excited to be asked to be a panelist for two of the show's events.

Here I am getting down to business in one panel discussion.

Panelists: Kimberley Seldon, Claire Jefford, Veronica Solomon, LuAnn Nigara and Moderator, Veronika Eagleson
Panelists: Kimberley Seldon, Claire Jefford, Veronica Solomon, LuAnn Nigara and Moderator, Veronika Eagleson

The KBIS and IBS (International Builders Show) this year was a record breaking attendance of more than 100,000 people! Wow! I tried my best to get good photos, but you will notice that most of them will have people in them, plus I actually do suck at photography. That's just the way it was - people everywhere, but excited to share nonetheless!

Ready to get to some top trends? Me too. Let's do it. Here are my top 7

1- Color! Lots Of Color!

Color was everywhere - from appliances, to cabinetry, tiles, faucets and even bath tubs. Most noticeable was emerald green, but colors ranged from brights to pastels. No need for me to say more, the proof is in the pictures below

Pink bathroom vanity
Pink Vanity Cabinets #KBIS

GE Appliances Booth At KBIS - Green Cabinetry With Matte White Cafe Appliances
GE Booth Green Cabinetry

Glass Tiles By Sicis
Glass Tiles By Sicis

Glass Panels By Sicis
Glass Panels By Sicis

Orange cabinets
Orange Cabinets? Yes Please!

Range Hood With Custom Color
Switch Up The Color Of Your Range Hood. Why Not?

This was one of the highlights of the show for me. My good friend and fellow designer Rachel Moriarty, based in San Diego launched her #ColorLab tile collection with Elegant Mosaics. This is big for us designers, as you can match any glass tile in any shape with any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint color.

So if white is your jam, done! If color is your thing, even better!

These colorful faucets made my heart sing! How adorable are they?

Colorful faucets

2- Matte White Appliances

So happy to see white again in appliances, and equally happy that it is matte white - new and improved for sure. Now stainless steel is not the only option. The great thing about the GE Cafe appliances is that the handles come in different finishes, so you can still add a bit of shimmer and high style to your kitchen

GE Cafe Matte White Appliances
GE Cafe Matte White Appliances

GE Matte White Appliances
GE Matte White Appliances

GE Matte White Appliances

3- Range Hoods With Personality

This was definitely everywhere! Your range hood can be as fashion forward as you are. Timeless?....check! High fashion?.......Check!

Here are a few of my favorites

4- Health And Wellness

Now you can create your personal luxury spa in your home with steam technology. What a great way to promote health and wellness in your own private retreat, and de-stress after a long day.

Bath tubs are also assisting in this focus on well-being. It you are a bath person, then you can enjoy taking long baths in some of the great looking bath tubs that were everywhere at KBIS.

This elegant copper bath tub from Thompson Traders had to be my favorite.

5- Dimensional Tiles And Gorgeous Tiles In General

Add a splash to your backsplash! (couldn't resist). But these dimensional tiles are even more spectacular in real life!

They are perfect in a modern setting, but I totally think that even if you lean more to the traditional side of things they can be incorporated somehow into your kitchen - maybe a bar area.

Dimensional Tiles
Dimensional Tiles

6- Smart Home Technology And Integrated Appliances

This is not going away any time soon, despite concerns about security with using smart home technology and devices.

This is one area where you need to call in the experts, to make sure that you can enjoy the convenience of using smart technology, and still remain secure in your home.

Smart home technology is in everything from your audio/visual to your shower, and even toilets. You will definitely appreciate it even more if you are an avid cook or love to entertain. Preheating your oven away from your home with the touch of a button, or setting various chilling temperatures for your wine fridge, have the coffee machine start right when you wake up, are just some of the modern conveniences with smart home technology. And the best part that these appliances integrate seamlessly into your cabinetry for a clean modern look.

Smart Toilets
Toto Smart Toilets

Thermador's Josh Home Connect
Thermador's Josh Home Conenct

7- Cabinetry With Functionality

Wellborn cabinetry rules in this area! Their cabinetry aren't just beautiful and long lasting, they are super functional. Each have hidden functions designed to make your life easier.

Stay tuned for more information from KBIS, including the fabulous New American Home Tour sponsored by Caesarstone, a fabulous modern home in Henderson, Nevada just outside of Las Vegas.

Here is a sneak peek. You will definitely want to see more - including the "living sculptures"

And a great highlight for me was sitting in on Martyn Bullard's talk at Thermador. You may know him from Bravo's Million Dollar Decorator, or maybe designing Kylie Jenner's home that was featured in Architectural Digest far precedes him and anything else he's done before. But he's known for his amazing designs to top celebrities like Cher, Ellen Pompeo, the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan, among others.

I loved learning about how his career started and what inspires him.......It's travel by the way - not top trends, but experiencing the world through travel. Like me, he doesn't want to be known for any one design style, but for delivering what is unique and special to each of his clients. Loved that! Love him and his work!

If you are a celebrity out there reading this, and Martyn's calendar is booked, call me - Looking at you Mark Wahlberg ;-) (Ok, so I have a crush on Mark Wahlberg)

Martyn Bullard
Martyn Bullard

Come back for more from KBIS. If you are not subscribed to our email list, go ahead and join (at the top of this page is the opportunity to do that - pretty please).

You will get my awesome blog posts each week, plus a nice little freebie with my secret formula to planning your next design project.

I will close by asking? What Is Your Bold? Really? What is it? Thermador wants to know too. Answer in the comments below. Mine is asking Mark Wahlberg to design his home ;-)

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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