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What Do We Mean By Our Slogan, "Your Version Of Luxury....."?

If you've spent any time on our website, you may have seen the term "your version of luxury in your home". But what do we mean by that?

Allow us to explore this idea

Pink Powder Bathroom With Ombre Wallpaper in Fulshear TX
Powder Bathroom With Pink Striped Ombre Wallpaper. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott.

Luxury is a word that is often associated with expensive and extravagant living. It is usually reserved to describe the finer things in life - like a luxury 40' yacht, a luxury apartment in Manhattan, a luxury home in the Hollywood Hills or a luxury wardrobe with the finest designer labels. These are definitely true for luxury; it's all those things. But is everyone's idea of luxury the same?

After 13 years of designing homes for people of all walks of life, I have come to realize that luxury is not as straight forward as the ability to afford the finer things in life. My experience is that luxury is subjective - what one person considers luxury may not be luxury for someone else

Coffee Table Vignette With Blue And White Ginger Jars. Fulshear TX
Coffee Table Vignette With Blue And White Ginger Jars

I have discovered that real luxury is conscious living, it's experiential, it's comfort, it's privacy, it's convenience, it's whatever makes your heart sing. Each individual gets to define what luxury is to them, especially when it comes to their home.

It therefore has less to do with money, and more to do with what will bring you the most joy in your home

Modern Kitchen With Quartz Waterfall Countertops and Black Range Hood
Modern Kitchen In Fulshear TX With Quartz Countertop

When I speak to my clients for the first time, that's one of the things I try to uncover right away - what would they love to have in their home that would make them the happiest. Sometimes I will ask them to imagine that they could have whatever they want and budget is not a factor. It is an exercise to help pull out those grand visions of what my clients really want in their home. Too often these grand visions are suppressed by the fear of high price tags or long time frames or overwhelm.

This is a fun part of the design process, and it helps to dream a little - actually, dream a lot! It is now up to me to get my clients as close as possible to that grand vision of their version of luxury

Living Room With Linen Semi-Sheer Drapery Panels With Greek Key Trim
Living Room With Soaring Ceilings And Linen Draperies

This exercise tends to yield some really fun and interesting results. It still makes me laugh out loud with my clients when they express their true version of luxury.

For one client several years ago, it was her closet. She wanted the ability to tuck her young kids in bed at night and then play dress up in her fully and professionally organized closet. She loved being able to see all her handbags, shoes and beautiful clothes. She had quite the collection! She had a fabulous sitting area, a tall mirror and a vanity area with seating to put on makeup. That closet for her was the ultimate luxury. It was her getaway right within her home, even for a few minutes when the kids were asleep.

Mid Century Modern Living Room With Bark Wallpaper Behind Floating Wooden Shelves
Mid Century Modern Living Room

For a gentleman client we worked with a few years back, his garage was the ultimate in luxury for him. He wanted a place to tinker with his cars, and a tack room to store all his hunting equipment. He wanted everything to be nicely organized and right within reach.

For a large family with young kids, they wanted a space that looked beautiful and sophisticated for the adults, but still tough as nails to withstand spills and accidents from the kids

Living Room Vignette With Two-Tone Credenza And Blue Overscale Abstract Art
Living Room With Two Tone Credenza

For other clients luxury is a place to display their collections and mementos, a spa bathroom where they can go to relax after a long day, or the ability to entertain friends and family in a beautiful setting with plenty of comfortable seating, or an amazing movie room where the whole family can gather, a chef's kitchen to cook up a storm, a nursery that encourages creativity and active imaginations, or a laundry room that is not in the basement with space to fold clothes.

I have heard them all before, and I am a firm believer that your home should be the place that nurtures you and makes your life easier. It is worth investing in, and that investment does not have to break the bank

Master Bathroom With Wallpaper, Freestanding Tub And Black And White Marble Tile By Kelly Wearstler
Master Bathroom With Black And White Marble Tiles

By the time we get to the planning stage of a design project, we know exactly what our clients need to ensure that their homes will support their hobbies and lifestyle

laundry Room With Black And White Marble Tile And LG Styler
Laundry Room With Black And White Marble Tile

For me personally, I love having a desk area right in my bedroom where I can get some work done without having to leave my room. And when I do leave my room, I love to head right to my ice machine that serves up nugget ice :-) Now that is the ultimate in luxury!

Desk Area In Master Bedroom With Black Silk Draperies Against Black Grasscloth Wallpaper. Coffered Ceilings
Master Bedroom With Desk Area

Luxury doesn't always mean the expensive things. More often than not, luxury is the little things that make our lives just a bit more full.

The next time you hear us say that we will help you create your version of luxury in your home - take that time to dream up those grand visions and let us take care of the rest.

To get started with your luxury project, schedule an FREE Discovery Call through this LINK

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


**All Photography By Colleen Scott Photography

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