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Colors To Covet: My Top 5 Farrow & Ball Paint Color Picks

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Since 1946, the British paint company Farrow and Ball has fused age-old methods with modern technology to create their collection of richly pigmented paints.

With up to five high quality pigments in each paint color, they each respond to light and shade in a way that creates a wonderful backdrop for furnishing a room that will look and feel its best.

Farrow and Ball paints are created with a water-base, easy to apply and quick-drying with several finishes to choose from.

Casa Vilora Studio Vignette Painted With Farrow and Ball Hague Blue. Featuring Our Zebra Hair On Hide Console From The Veronica Solomon Style Collection And One Of Our Custom Florals (Soon To Be Announced)

Farrow and Ball has taken over the US paint market by storm over the past few years. Mainly due to the fact that you can now order paints online and through stockists in your area, who can help guide you in selecting the right primers and finishes.

While the price point is higher than other popular paint brands, the coverage and durability are so great that it is well worth the investment.

I decide to see what the hype was about and had two small vignettes painted in my design studio using paint gifted to me by Farrow and Ball.

The views expressed in this post are true based on my research and experience using Farrow and Ball.

I learned a couple of things:

1) The paint does in fact cover well. We used two dark colors and they both required two coats. We didn't use a primer first, which I would recommend that you do not skip. I will be using a primer next time.

2) Farrow and Ball eggshell finish is not exactly the same as the American version, so you will find that it has a bit more sheen. For walls, especially for darker shades, I tend to do an eggshell or a matte finish. I ordered the Estate Eggshell finish and found that it was a bit shinier than I would have normally chosen.

Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell (20% emulsion), which is a smooth velvety finish, works well on the doors and cabinets because it is washable and wipeable, but I think is a bit too shiny for walls, unlike the American version of eggshell that is a bit more of a subtle sheen.

For walls I would recommend a flat or matte look which can be achieved with 2% Estate Emulsion. This is Farrow and Ball's signature paint, and what I love most about it based on my research, is that it has a chalky finish that has a lot of depth and character. It is not so perfect and pristine and seems more relatable but rich. I have been to England a few times, and one of the things I loved is touring the older homes and buildings filled with history and character. My dream custom home will be English country style, and I will be using Farrow and Ball in the 2% Estate Emulsion on walls to recapture that feeling I got each time I visited the English countryside.

For high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, the 7% Modern Emulsion should still give you a flat finish feel but better for maintenance.

3) Low odor. I didn't detect a lot of strong smells, nor a smell that lingers after painting.

4) The colors look very rich and saturated once they were dry. As the paint was going on, I noticed that they were covering the walls well, and I even thought we could get away with one coat, but in the end the walls did need the two coats.

Simply put, I too became a believer and I can totally see specifying Farrow and Ball going forward. I would just be super careful with what finish I choose for what application, and because of the price point, I would have to compare apples to apples (based on the project specifics) with the other brands that I typically use.

So what are my top 5 picks of Farrow and Ball paints to covet?

1. Hague Blue #30

Veronica Solomon Standing In Front Of Vignette With Farrow And Ball Hague Blue

Here I am standing pretty in front of one of the vignettes we painted in the studio. This one features Hague Blue and I Love it!

I am a sucker for a rich navy, and Hague Blue is definitely that. It makes everything around it look great! It is also a great color for cabinetry as it reads almost as a neutral

2. Duck Green #35

Vignette Wall painted With Farrow And Ball Duck Green. Featuring The Greek Key Console From The Veronica Solomon Style Collection In Black Hair On Hide

I love a great saturated green, and the Farrow and Ball Duck Green that we used on this wall is rich and beautiful, and makes for a great neutral for color lovers. This is also great for cabinetry.

3. Dutch Orange #W76

Image Via Farrow and Ball Website - Dutch Orange

Dutch Orange is from Farrow and Ball's new Color by Nature palette, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. This collection sought to bring the feeling of nature into your home.

It is a clean bright orange which will enliven and add warmth to any room. It pairs very well with shades of green and blue.

4. Railings #31

Image Via Farrow and Ball - Color On Wall - Railings

Railings is a beautiful black that has a blue undertone, so it is a lot softer alternative to true black. I imagine that it was named after ironwork, which this color would be absolutely suited for.

If you are going for a bit of drama, Railings in a Full Gloss would work great on walls, but I could totally see it on a beautiful front door for a grand entrance into an estate home. The 2% Estate Emulsion would work beautifully on walls for a more relaxed, enveloping feel.

5. Lamp Gray #88

3D Rendering Of Game Room Using Farrow and Ball Lamp Gray. Designed By Veronica Solomon

3D Rendering Of Game Room Using Farrow and Ball Lamp Gray. Designed By Veronica Solomon

The two images above are 3D renderings, but we used the Farrow and Ball Lamp Gray for the walls in this digital application.

I often wonder where the funky names for the Farrow and Ball paints come from, but just looking on their website will clue you in. Lamp Gray comes from the times when white painted rooms would stain by the trimming of lamp wicks. I suppose gray would show less staining.

Lamp Gray is Farrow and Ball's most traditional gray and creates a softer more lived in finish, while retaining a sense of timelessness.

This is one of those more forgiving colors that can be used in several different rooms and works with different styles of decorating.

Bonus color that I couldn't resist sharing is Rangwali #296

Image Via Farrow And Ball. Paint Color Rangwali

I have been trying to make fuchsia popular now for the last several years. haha. It seems it is too much of a commitment for most clients, but I have used fuchsia or brighter pinks in several of my personal decorating projects.

Rangwali is an exotic pink that takes its name from the powder that is thrown during the Holi festival of colors in India. This adventurous and friendly color will make your guests feel welcomed into your home, and definitely a conversation starter. The depth of color and richness is achieved by adding a small dose of black pigment.

I can totally see Rangwali with a deep blue accent like Stiffkey Blue.

All White | Stiffkey Blue | Rangwali

I am also in love with Farrow and Ball new California Collection with Kelly Wearstler

Image Via Farrow And Ball. California Collection By Kelly Wearstler

The above is the beautiful palette of colors. Very fresh and California relaxed.

You can learn more about the California Collection HERE

Of course, the Caribbean girl in me wants to see some fun exotic colors, so here's a great mix to add some punch in any room!

Vardo | Citrona | Lake Red

Book a Virtual Design Session if you have questions regarding paint colors. We no longer do paint color consultations outside of a full service design project, but we can certainly give you some advice, guidance and direction for painting your walls.

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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