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Not So Popular Paint Color Combos You Should Try

Color trends dictate how we use color in our homes whether we like it or not.

Each year, paint brands announce their colors and color palettes of the year. These are the colors you will likely find in home furnishings, homewares and even fashion.

While you may not be repainting your home with these color trends, or you may even dismiss them, as long as you are a consumer, these trends will make their way into your home somehow.

Incorporating some of the color trends can actually make for an interesting color mix in your home. Why not take that as an opportunity to create some not-so-popular combinations that will make your home unique and gorgeous?

This is The Benjamin Moore 2021 Paint Color Palette.

Here you can see so many not-so-popular colors that can be used for some interesting combinations.

Aegean Teal is the actual Color Of The Year for 2021, so it is the color we saw most often in home furnishings. The others, not so much, but we can certainly make them something special.

I happen to love the Amazon Soil and Rosy Peach. Very unexpected combination but I love the warm and earthy vibe.

Image Via Benjamin Moore

Just look at how beautiful they are applied here in this bookcase.

This is a color combination that would be beautiful in cabinetry or even in a bedroom on the walls. The purple undertone of the Amazon Soil keeps it from looking too heavy, and I love the warmth of the Rosy Peach.

I can see adding a hint of the Aegean Teal in accessories. You can actually see a little bit of it in the bookcase above.

How about we go a bit further and add in the mustardy yellow tone of the Chestertown Bluff, the Atrium White - which could be a trim or ceiling color, and a gray blue-green like Powell Gray

If you have some color courage, go with the amazon soil on the walls and bookcase in the room, and use the Rosy Peach inside the bookcase shelves similar to the above. That would look really sharp.

I would use the Atrium white on ceiling, trim and doors.

Then the upholstery in the mustardy yellow, like this one.

Pull all the colors in the palette through pillows, rugs, accessories and artwork.

I would accent with gold in hardware and lighting.

Now this would be quite a spectacular and uniquely colorful room.

Here's another one from Farrow and Ball that I just love.

Rangwali on the inside of the pantry and Railings on the outside.

If committing to a color like Rangwali is hard, using it in a similar way inside a closet or pantry as shown above would be a great way to ease yourself into it.

I could see adding some green to this combo

Rangwali | Railings | Inchyra Blue

How about some citron, white and even a plum

Citrona | All White | Pelt

Now this palette is a combination of brighter hues and then some shaded colors to ground whatever space they are used in.

How would you use this palette in your home?

Here are some pillows to inspire you to get started.

Don't be afraid to experiment with some unexpected color. Any color can be beautiful if used well. Of course color affects your mood, so consider that as you make your selections.

What other not-so-popular color combinations would you use in decorating your home?

Check out our Paint Color Palettes that you can download HERE for even more inspiration

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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