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Discovering Milkster

As a designer, I am always searching for very unique products, made by talented designers and makers, to bring that special touch to my clients’ homes.

I recently came across a great source for amazing products including furniture, gadgets, accents, lighting and tableware called Milkster.

Milkster’s slogan is “We love Amazing Products” and if you browse their website, you’ll know they are not kidding.

Milkster provides a new way for amazing design to be discovered, purchased and distributed. Think of it as that magical place where you can find items of exceptionally well-crafted design created just for you by professional artisans. They hand-pick, review and highlight well-designed and frankly delightful furniture, and hardware from independent designers and makers, featuring a new selection every other day. When you choose a product on Milkster, your order is forwarded to the maker of that product who then manages its production in their workshop. By supporting such a maker, you will be involved from creation to delivery, and you’ll get a product with a story – a story that you’ll be a part of.

How cool is that? Having products in your home that are uniquely yours.

There is so much to discover and love, but I managed to pick out just a few of my favorite pieces.

Knotted Lamp Small by Studio Annebet Philips

This soft flexible lamp is made out of stuffed knitted fabric. It is possible to tie the lamp in various ways which allows the user to (re)shape the lamp as he or she likes. The lamp can be hung up or can lie down. The lamp uses LED light. LED light bulbs do not heat up like regular light bulbs do and therefore it is possible for the lamp to be made out of knitted fabric. The lamp can be hung up by using the little hook that is connected to the wire. It is also possible to connect the lamp to an electrical outlet in the ceiling. Click here to learn about the artisan and to purchase

The Medusa Pendant Lamp by Roxy Russell Design

Bearing little resemblance to its namesake, the Gorgon Medusa of Greek mythology, this diaphanous beauty will delight with its glowing petals and luminous tendrils. Click here to learn more about the artisan and to purchase

Large Knot Pendant lamp – Green by Vitamin

The Knot Lamps come in two different designs of hand blown glass shade each supported by a monkey fist knot. The knots are tied from brightly coloured cable. The lamps are versatile and can be displayed in an illuminating cluster or line, or alone creating a single ambient glow. Whichever way you choose to display them, the Knot Lamps will subtly draw attention with their enigmatic aura. Click here to learn about the artisan and to purchase

Chair Van der Gan Coffee sacks by Fabrica Design Furniture

This gorgeous chair has a stylish mid century appeal, with a natural rustic feel. Click here to learn about the artisan and to purchase

Chair Creatures by Riga Chair

Clear, cartoonlike characters make these chairs become creatures to play with. Perfect for children’s rooms. Collect each chair and create a Zoo. Click here to learn more about the artisan and to purchase

Grand Dining Table by Paul Kruger

The Grand Dining room table offers the most commanding statement of all their pieces. The concave base was designed to allow for extended leg room under the table while adding strong support. This piece features signature “concave dutchmen joints” all along the middle where a crack was in the wood. The joints stop the cracks from growing and offer an attractive alternative to the classic butterfly shape. Click here to learn about artisan and to purchase

Pepe De Penguin by Sooda-e Design Factory

This hand crafted styling item, brings a sense of tranquility and humor to any indoor or outdoor space, creating a sleek and vivid royal colony. Click here to learn about artisan and to purchase

Chaindelier by Medio Design

CHAiNDELIER IS a modular candle holder inspired in bicycle chains. Its contemporary and original design turns any occasion into a very special moment. Rearrange it to create different shapes and looks. For long candles and tealights. Click here to learn about artisan and to purchase

Qimini Wireless Charger

Qimini is a wireless charging transmitter powered by Qi technology and works flawlessly with any Qi enabled devices. Its modern design and efficient functionalities take wireless charging to new heights, enabling your mobile devices to be truly mobile. Click here to learn more about this product and its creator, and to purchase

Riga Roo Rocker by Riga Chair

A rocking toy made of a single moulded part. The minimalistic, yet very archetipal shape makes it an intriguing toy. Click here to learn about the artisan and to purchase

Gold Rim Plates by Andrea Baumann

Plates are 17cm. I think that’s about 6.5″, and are porcelain with 12ct gold

Can you see why I am so excited about these products? They are just amazing!

Milkster has done a great job of scouring the globe to bring some of the most inspiring creatives and the products they so lovingly create all together in one beautifully curated catalog.

All the products listed above have a link in the descriptions where you can go for more information about each product and their creators, pricing and shipping information. You can also click here for the Milkster website to see more products. Create a “wishlist” by organizing your favorite products into collections so they are easy to find later.

What are some of your favorite products?

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon

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