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How One Key Element Can Make The Design

As a designer, I understand the power that one key element can have in a room.

It can be the focal point, the conversation piece, or what I call the glue that holds the space together.

I always start a design with one key element that will be the jumping off point for the rest of the room.

That one piece could inspire the colors in the room, it could inspire the mood or it could even inspire the style direction.

That piece could be a bold pattern in a textile or rug, or the geometric design of a tile pattern, or the texture of a wallpaper. That inspiration is always a key in getting the creative juices flowing in my head.

Grasscloth Wallpaper With Flying Storks Installed In Tray Ceiling
Design Concept For Foyer In Katy Texas.

I have had my eye on this amazing wallpaper for a while now, and was so happy when our client said yes!

This is a great example of how a wallpaper pattern can inspire a space.

In this example, we needed something interesting to highlight the architectural feature of the tray ceiling on our client's foyer. The idea of using a motif with birds flying on a blue background made perfect sense for a ceiling application.

Here is a closer look at the wallpaper, which is available in many colorways on different paper types, including silk and vinyl.

Grasscloth Wallpaper With Flying Storks

How beautiful are these storks? Can you see this even in a nursery? I can!

The material of the wallpaper is grasscloth. It has a very nice texture that contrasts nicely with the soft colors.

The rest of the foyer is designed to be fairly monochromatic to allow the wallpaper to stand out but blend in - if that makes sense. I expect that it will be a very unexpected element that will inspire conversations.

Master Bedroom With Concept With Upholstered Wall And Ceiling Wallpaper
Master Bedroom Design Concept - Katy Texas

We actually pitched this same concept to another client last year. And though they loved it as well, they opted not to move in that direction and did another paper on their own instead

Here is another view of the same bedroom concept

Master Bedroom With Concept With Upholstered Wall And Ceiling Wallpaper
Master Bedroom Design Concept - Katy TX

Imagine being in bed and looking up on this one! This is what I call a very restful master bedroom.

I absolutely love this paper and cannot wait to see how it turns out in the foyer in a few months.

What are your thoughts?

Would you wallpaper your ceiling with birds?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!



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