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More From Market - Trend Spotting High Point Fall 2021

There is so much to see at High Point, especially this season where I was one of the 10 Design Influencers for the High Point Market Association and Esteem Media Design Influencers Tour.

With 13 amazing sponsors, on top of thousands of other showrooms, there was a lot to see.

Please take a minute to check out their websites and all they have to offer.

The trend spotting part is always so fun. Seeing the common threads that weave through each showroom is always interesting. It informs what we will see in stores for 2022

I shared my color roundup in a previous post that you can check out HERE

Let's get into some of the other trends observed at market and some of the showrooms and vignettes that inspired me.

Let's start with some of what inspired me.

I shared in the last post that Cisco Home, who happens to be one of the sponsors for the Design Influencers Tour was one of the most inspiring showrooms.

Cisco Home

Cisco Home

My style is much more colorful than their aesthetic, but what I love about their vibe is the comfy, coziness, textural, lived-in mood.

Some of the other inspiration

Jaipur Living, also one of the Design Influencer Tour sponsors, was very inspiring learning about the Manchana Collection. You can read all about it in my post about our sponsors HERE

Jaipur Living

Jaipur Living - Manchana Collection

Thibaut Design showroom never ceases to amaze with the color and pattern play. Always on trend yet timeless.

I mean, look at this.............

Thibaut Design Showroom

Thibaut Design

Thibaut Design

Thibaut Design

Thibaut Design

I just love these art pieces. very British Colonial which speaks to my traditional sensibility. The name of the showroom escapes me, but they are so bold and beautiful

I cannot even handle this gorgeousness! My kind of art

I love this hanging outdoor chair from Lloyd Flanders, also a sponsor of the Design Influencers Tour.

Hanging chairs are emerging as a trend as well

Lloyd Flanders

I am also loving this outdoor sectional. I love the addition of the metal. It was so comfortable.

Outdoor furnishings are becoming more and more like interior furnishings. Just as comfortable, functional and pleasing to the eye. We saw a lot of fully upholstered pieces, some even with nailhead details.

Lloyd Flanders

This outdoor chair with the mixed materials of metal and wicker was very beautiful and comfortable.

Lloyd Flanders

Neutrals done right in these vignettes.

Neutrals were trending at market, and even as a color lover, I could appreciate these well layered vignettes

There was a lot more inspiration, but let's get into some of the trends


Lots and lots of texture. Texture helps to provide warmth and cozy comfort in a space. With most of us getting used to the idea of cocooning at home, textures are wonderful for that comfortable vibe

Nubby textiles like boucles, visual texture is wood pieces, rattan, caning & wicker and reeded pieces also were everywhere

This exaggerated reeded panel credenza is just amazing. Image courtesy of South and English showroom tour

South and English

Image Via Cozy Stylish Chic

Universal Furniture

Texture on these boucle chairs and the reeded front of the credenza


We've seen rounded upholstery pieces in previous markets, but we are now seeing rounded shapes in case goods as well.

Capsule type curves in categories are also emerging.

Here we see the capsule shape on an a console table

Cisco Home

More curves from Universal Furniture. Notice the capsule shape on the bench at the foot of the bed? That trend is quickly emerging as well

Curvy sofa from Miranda Kerr's collection with Universal Furniture

Large Scale Seating

It is all about comfort these days and we are seeing large-scaled upholstery pieces like sectionals trending

Universal Furniture - Large Scale Upholstery Pieces

These large curved sectional from Universal Furniture are a showstopper and super comfortable.

Imagine how perfect this set up would be for entertaining in a large living room.

In the past I would avoid specifying sectionals for clients because they tend to be so large and inflexible, but these day sectionals have come a long way. They usually can be configured however you need them to and they are very well tailored.

I find that I am specifying them a lot more these days.

Norwalk Furniture

Rowe Furniture

Rowe Furniture

Outdoor Pieces Resembling Indoor Pieces

These pieces from Universal Furniture, one of our sponsors for The Design Influencers Tours, are typically what you would see in outdoor furniture, but touring their gorgeous showroom, and many others, you find fully upholstered pieces that look more like indoor furniture

Pieces like this barrel chair, complete with nail head details

Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture

I mean, look at how beautiful these outdoor pieces are!

High Point Market is such a great time to soak up inspiration. Hopefully you are just as inspired.

Let's chat about your next design project.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!

Veronica Solomon

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