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Design Ideas For A Woodland Chic Sleeping Porch

Yes, I admit it…..”Woodland Chic” is a term I just made up (In case you were wondering 🙂 . I had to come up with a title for this blog post somehow 🙂

Woodland chic is a design style that uses pieces inspired by the woods and nature. The wood finishes on furniture and accents are rough hewn or in their natural state. The overall mood and feel in a woodland chic room is rustic, woodsy and lodge-like but with an elegance and sophistication.

Your next question might be “what is a sleeping porch?” Well, back before air conditioning was invented, people in the south would build their homes with an enclosed or open porch, where they would sleep on hot, humid summer nights.

This was an unrealized project that I worked on back in 2011 and I still find it so inspiring that I decided to re-post it today.

This sleeping porch was enclosed with tons of beautiful windows that overlooked a gorgeous piece of property. It was large enough for an actual sleeping area and a seating area. The clients were planning to use it as the sleeping area for when their grandchildren came to visit.

This is the floorplan and design plan that we came up with. It also includes the adjoining family room and breakfast area

interior designer in katy

I started with the paint color: Sherwin Williams SW6408 Wheat Grass. This green is the perfect tone for a woodland inspired room.

I then chose this linen semi-sheer fabric for the window treatments. The fabric was very gauzy and would still let in light into the many windows. I proposed doing simple pinch pleat panels that can be drawn close at night for a second layer, along with the natural woven shades that I was also proposing as the first layer for privacy.

I chose a full size canopy bed with a trundle for extra sleeping.

These were the fabric choices for the bedding.

The night stand I proposed was solid wood that was very fitting for the woodland chic theme. This piece is from La Lune Collection

This small dresser was perfect to add some extra storage. This weathered teak sideboard was from Sundance Catalog

This wood-grain patterned area rug was chosen to add some softness and warmth underfoot and to define the seating area.

These were some of the  lighting and accessories chosen for the sleeping porch. I proposed adding this mirror above the dresser with the sconces on either side. The mirror was meant to add a bit of elegance to the room

Floral is always a nice touch in any room. This waterlike hydrangea bouquet is from NDI. Look how real it looks.

These small bird drawings by British artist Robert Clarke are perfect for above the bed. Framing and arranging them in a grid pattern would have looked amazing.

These  two rustic wood chairs from La Lune Collection were chosen to help round out the seating area. I proposed reupholstering them in a solid green linen fabric with contrast welt.

The pillow fabric for the two chairs

This is the sofa that I proposed for the seating area

And the custom pillow fabrics

This was our cocktail table choice

I was really excited when I found this chandelier because it was the perfect choice for the seating area.

And the lamp for our nightstand and end table.

Here are a few of the accessories.

Those were the main pieces for the sleeping porch. What do you think?

It was very refreshing putting together this plan for my clients. It was really unfortunate that this design didn’t happen because they had to relocate for her husband’s work. I am sure this sleeping porch would have turned out beautifully.

Maybe it can still serve as inspiration for a room you are thinking about completing in your home soon.

Does the woodland chic style appeal to you? Please let me know in the comments.

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!

Be Inspired!

interior designer in katy

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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