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How To Style A Bookcase

Styling and accessorizing is often one of the biggest challenges that my clients state that they have with having a space that is well pulled-together and cohesive.

Styling a room is what gives it personality and charm. It is the finishing touch – like jewelry and makeup complete an outfit

Katy Interior Designer

Whether your style leans more towards minimalism, or luxe and cozy…here are a few tips that you can use to style your bookcases like a pro!

  1. Ty to use items that have special meaning to you. Things that you have collected over time. You can always update them by painting or wrapping etc to give them a new look

  2. Add a few pieces that are on trend. That will help to give the bookcase a more up-to-date feel. Keep trendy items to a minimum as trends fade fast.

  3. Decide whether you want to go with a monochromatic color scheme or adding pops of color.

  4. Start with the larger pieces first and fill in with smaller. I usually start from the center and move side to side.

  5. You can use one shelf for a feature item that you want to draw attention to

  6. It is ok to leave some negative space. Not all shelves have to be completely full with stuff. It can become cluttered fast! I personally love the look of full shelves in my home, but I don’t always do that for clients.

  7. Always use books. Books always add warmth and soul to a bookcase. If your color scheme is monochromatic, you can add book covers in varying tones of the same color.

  8. Stack books with accessories on the same shelf.This will create some interest and a bit more dimension. When I stack books, I usually add an item on top. You can also line up books. I do both, using a stack of books as bookends

  9. Add visual texture with the accessories you choose. Vary textures – from shiney to matte, rough to spikey

  10. If you decorate with color….evenly spread the color throughout the bookcase for balance.

  11. The shelves do not have to be symmetrical, but they should have proper balance and proportion

  12. Group similar items as much as possible to showcase them as a collection

  13. Don’t get carried away with adding too many photos in frames. Mix a few special ones in

  14. You can add small pieces of framed art for some interest and variety.

  15. If you have kids, add baskets or decorative boxes on the bottom shelves where you can place their books and even small toys. That will allow them easy access, and keep things organized

Katy Interior Designer

If you still need help with styling your bookcases or any other areas in your home, our “Pull It Together” Design Service may be just what you need. Click here to find out more

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!

Katy Interior Designer

Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora Interiors Owner/Lead Designer

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