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Must-Have Trends From The 2018 Kitchen And Bath Show In Orlando

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I am back in Houston after a few days in sunny Florida, where I attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) for the first time. This meant time away from my newly opened design studio, but it was so worth the trip. This year my firm will be much more focused on kitchen and bath renovations, and KBIS is the best place to learn about new products, trends and technology in the industry.

It was three days spent learning through some of the educational seminars, networking with colleagues and vendors, acquiring new vendors and testing products, making connections and planning future collaborations, and observing new trends and technological advancements

Here are some of the must have trends that drew my attention at KBIS

Moody Florals

Moody florals will be huge in 2018. We started seeing moody and bold in wallcoverings and fabrics last year, but we will be seeing a lot more in 2018, as it extends to more permanent fixtures in the home.

How to use this trend in your home

You don’t have to go as far as changing out your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but moody florals can be introduced in smaller doses like pillows and throws, or even this one of a kind accent chair we created. Available for sale. Click the image to go to our online shop

Chiang Mai Dragon Wing Back Chair By Casa Vilora Interiors

Black Stainless Steel Appliances

I love stainless steel as much as the next guy, but never liked the thought of visible fingerprints everytime I as much as look at the fridge, or stove or dishwasher. These black stainless steel appliances is the best of both world. You get the streamlined look of stainless steel, plus the much easier maintenance

Gold Used In Unexpected Ways

Gold has been a mainstay as far as trends go for the past few years, so no surprise that I would see it in faucets at KBIS. What I did not expect is a gold fridge! I could not take my eyes off this beauty. The gold wall tiles and vanity were big hits as well

Artistic Glass

Whether it is tiles, cabinet fronts, wall panels or table tops, artistic glass will be a staple in kitchen and bath renovations in 2018. Glass has always been a great accent for a kitchen backsplash or a wall in a bathroom, but manufacturers are experimenting more and more with beautiful patterns and finishes. The pink one above looks so much like marble

Appliances With Personality

Everywhere I looked at KBIS, I was blown away by how beautiful the appliances were. Manufacturers have majorly stepped up their appliance game. What was once utilitarian, has become the Rolls Royce of the home, even as far as the features go.

It’s All Good In The Hood

This fabulous hood from the Perlick showroom looks more like a TV

Design by Arianne Bellizaire,

Hoods are a great way to make a statement in the kitchen. They are often the focal point, so that presents a great opportunity to add a custom touch.

Your Toilet Is Smarter Than You

Home Central

Home automation takes on new meaning with these smart fridges. They can control everything from temperature of your food, your grocery list, your schedule, music and more

Rub A Dub Dub. These Are Fabulous Tubs

i was slightly obsessed with the beautiful options in bath tubs. I was crushing on the solid surface versions. So many options

 Faucets and Sinks That Wow

Faucets are getting more and more intelligent, with all kinds of controls that make the showering more of a spa experience. I also saw some smart design in kitchen faucets. Several finishes including matte black got my attention. One finish I came across looked like cement. Very beautiful.

Smart And Stylish Storage


Porcelain is such a versatile material. It can be applied to any surface from flooring to countertop. Porcelain was in abundance. Check out the above image that is entirely porcelain on the cabinet and countertop

I could go on and on with the beautiful products I came across. I can’t wait to use some of them in future projects.

Which product can you see using in your home?

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Wishing You beauty and Inspiration!



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