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Put A Tray On It

Trays have fast become one of my favorites items to use to style a space. They are a great way to fill a large surface like a coffee table, and keep items contained.

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

Without the use of trays, your table tops can end up looking a bit cluttered, especially if you are displaying smaller objects.

I love using trays as a hard surface on a cocktail ottoman. It is a great way to serve your guests refreshments, as they can be moved quite easily.

I enjoy styling trays with some of the staple accessories I use in a lot of my room vignettes. Items like books, florals, boxes, candles, coasters


I love bringing in a tray that will add  a great color or texture to the room. The more unique, the better

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The scale of the tray should work with the surface you are placing it on. If you are working with a round or square ottoman or table, then you will want to use a round or square tray. When working with a rectangular table or ottoman, you will want to use a rectangular tray.

Katy Interior Designer, Guest Bedroom

I like placing a tray on the bed in a guest bedroom with some items that your guests will appreciate. Maybe a few magazines, a note pad and pen, candles and a small floral arrangement


Adding a tray to your vanity table is also a great way to keep makeup and perfume bottles contained.

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

Use in the bathroom for all your toiletries

They even help to keep your office supplies organized

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

Trays can be used even outdoors to contain refreshments on a hot summer day

Here are more inspiring spaces where I used trays


Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

Casa Vilora Interiors

And trays work perfectly to contain greenery for a fresh feel in a room

Casa Vilora Interiors

Here’s a little video I did on styling a coffee table using a tray

So when in doubt, put on tray on it!

Wishing You beauty & Inspiration!


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